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Sabbath School Today
With the 1888 Message Dynamic

Sabbath School Today is a weekly essay on the "Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide" focusing on how the 1888 "most precious" message of Christ's righteousness relates to the lesson; more importantly, how it relates to us.

The message brought to the church by the Lord's "messengers," A. T. Jones and E. J. Waggoner, and heartily endorsed by Ellen G. White, is especially "precious" because it joins together the true biblical idea of justification by faith with the unique idea of the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary. It forms the essential element of truth that will yet lighten the earth with the glory of a final, fully developed presentation of "the everlasting gospel" of Revelation 14 and 18.

You may subscribe to the e-mail version of Sabbath School Today by sending a request to sabbathschool@1888message.org.


4th Quarter, Oneness in Christ

Lesson 1: Creation and Fall

Lesson 2: Causes of Disunity

Lesson 3: “That They All May Be One”

Lesson 4: The Key to Unity

Lesson 5: The Experience of Unity in the Early Church

Lesson 6: Images of Unity

Lesson 7: When Conflicts Arise

Lesson 8: Unity in Faith

Lesson 9: The Most Convincing Proof

Lesson 10: Unity and Broken Relationships

3rd Quarter, The Book of Acts

Lesson 1. You Will Be My Witnesses

Lesson 2. Pentecost

Lesson 3. Life in the Early Church

Lesson 4. The First Church Leaders

Lesson 5. The Conversion of Paul

Lesson 6. The Ministry of Peter

Lesson 7. Paul’s First Missionary Journey

Lesson 8. The Jerusalem Council

Lesson 9. The Second Missionary Journey

Lesson 10. The Third Missionary Journey

Lesson 11. Arrest in Jerusalem

Lesson 12: Confinement at Caesarea

Lesson 13: Journey to Rome

2nd Quarter, Preparation for the End Time

Lesson 1. The Cosmic Controversy

Lesson 2. Daniel and the End Time

Lesson 3. Jesus and the Book of Revelation

Lesson 4. Salvation and the End Time

Lesson 5. Christ in the Heavenly Sanctuary

Lesson 6. The “Change” of the Law

Lesson 7. Matthew 24 and 25

Lesson 8. Worship the Creator

Lesson 9. End-Time Deceptions

Lesson 10. America and Babylon

Lesson 11. God’s Seal or the Beast’s Mark

Lesson 12. Babylon and Armageddon

Lesson 13. The Return of Our Lord Jesus

1st Quarter, Stewardship: Motives of the Heart

Lesson 1. The Influences of Materialism

Lesson 2. I See, I Want, I Take

Lesson 3. God or Mammon?

Lesson 4. Escape From the World’s Ways

Lesson 5. Stewards After Eden

Lesson 6. The Marks of a Steward

Lesson 7. Honesty With God

Lesson 8. The Impact of Tithing

Lesson 9. Offerings of Gratitude

Lesson 10. The Role of Stewardship

Lesson 11. Debt—A Daily Decision

Lesson 12. The Habits of a Steward

Lesson 13. The Results of Stewardship


4th Quarter, Salvation by Faith Alone: The Book of Romans

Lesson 1: The Apostle Paul in Rome

Lesson 2: The Controversy

Lesson 3: The Human Condition

Lesson 4: Justification by Faith

Lesson 5: The Faith of Abraham

Lesson 6: Adam and Jesus

Lesson 7: “Overcoming Sin”

Lesson 8: Who Is the Man of Romans 7?

Lesson 9. No Condemnation

Lesson 10. Children of the Promise

Lesson 11. The Elect

Lesson 12. Overcoming Evil With Good

Lesson 13. Christian Living

A Verse-by-Verse Study of Romans 14, 15, and 16

3rd Quarter, The Gospel in Galatians

Lesson 1. Paul: Apostle to the Gentiles

Lesson 2. Paul’s Authority and Gospel

Lesson 3. The Unity of the Gospel

Lesson 4. Justification by Faith Alone

Lesson 5. Old Testament Faith

Lesson 6. The Priority of the Promise

Lesson 7. The Road to Faith

Lesson 8. From Slaves to Heirs

Lesson 9. Paul’s Pastoral Appeal

Lesson 10. The Two Covenants

Lesson 11: Freedom in Christ

Lesson 12: Living by the Spirit

Lesson 13: The Gospel and the Church

Lesson 14: Boasting in the Cross

2nd Quarter, “Feed My Sheep”: First and Second Peter

Lesson 1. The Person of Peter

Lesson 2. An Inheritance Incorruptible

Lesson 3. A Royal Priesthood

Lesson 4. Social Relationships

Lesson 5. Living for God

Lesson 6. Suffering for Christ

Lesson 7. Servant Leadership

Lesson 8. Jesus in the Writings of Peter

Lesson 9. Be Who You Are

Lesson 10. Prophecy and Scripture

Lesson 11. False Teachers

Lesson 12. The Day of the Lord

Lesson 13. Major Themes in 1 and 2 Peter

1st Quarter, The Holy Spirit and Spirituality

Lesson 1. The Spirit and the Word

Lesson 2. The Holy Spirit: Working Behind the Scenes
Lesson 3. The Divinity of the Holy Spirit

Lesson 4. The Personality of the Holy Spirit

Lesson 5. The Baptism and Filling of the Holy Spirit

Lesson 6. The Holy Spirit and Living a Holy Life

Lesson 7. The Holy Spirit and the Fruit of the Spirit

Lesson 8. The Holy Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit

Lesson 9. The Holy Spirit and the Church

Lesson 10. The Holy Spirit, the Word, and Prayer

Lesson 11. Grieving and Resisting the Spirit

Lesson 12. The Work of the Holy Spirit

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